Student Information

We have constantly small research projects suited as BSc or MSc Projects. In those projects you can make your contribution to a new field in biophysics. You might want to check out the reports of former students to see what kind or research is performed.

Frequently we house students from other than the Physics program to do their project with us. In any case you will be working together with a graduate student or a postdoc. The project will be closely embedded into the ongoing research which opens the possibility that you make your contribution to science at the forefront of knowledge. Depending on your contribution you will be able to obtain co-authorship in one of our next papers.

Be advised that we ask from BSc in Physics students that they have successfully finished either of the two Fysica van Levensprocessen courses. From MSc in Physics students we ask for successful completion of either the Fysica van Levensprocessen 1&2 or the Delft Biophysics course prior to enrolling for a master project. Further, we encourage MSc students to follow the Biophysics (fall), and the Theoretical Biophysics (fall, biannual) courses. Students from other programs should contact us for advice.

For students living in the EU there is also the possibility to get into closer contact first, by means of a Summer Internship. This will be a research phase of 6 weeks minimum in Jul/Aug. You should contact us by May.

Current Student Projects

  1. Mechanical cues in cancer metastasis.
  2. Cell demixing in heterospheroids.

The mentioned projects reflect possibilities and status from the beginning of the year. With time those will change although the general topics are defined. In general we need one month preparation prior to start of your project – contact us in due time!

For further information contact Prof. Dr. Thomas Schmidt.

Prof. Schmidt is currently teaching:

  • Statistical Physics 1, 2nd years course
  • Physics of Life 2, 3rd years course
  • Research Skills BSc, 3rd years course
  • Biophysics, MSc course

Details on the courses you will find on Brightspace.