Undergrad Reports BSc

BSc Research projects

Emma van der Bent LST Dec 2019 “Influence of Fibronectin Fibers on Cell Traction Forces of Highly Metastatic MV3 Cells.”
Karlijn Cammel LST Aug 2019 “Analysis of cell-cell interactions in metastasis.”
Loes Huijnen Physics Sep 2016 “The behavior of pericytes in hypoxic and ischemic conditions.”
Rianca Jak LST Jul 2012 “P130Cas in force exertion.”
Gijs Hijmans Physics Dec 2010 “E ects of SDF1 stimulation on CXCR4 transfected 3T3 mouse cells.”
Ralph Lenssen Physics Jul 2010 “Changes in CXCR4 localisation, aggregation and mobility in living 3T3 mouse fibroblast cells upon stimulation: a single molecule study.”
Cassandra Verheul LST Jan 2010 “Membrane diffusion of cytokine receptors CXCR4 and CCR5 in mammalian epithelial cells: A single-molecule microscopy study.”
Marilyn Monster Physics Jul 2009 “The influence of the antimicrobial peptide gramacidin S on red blood cells and giant vesicles.” published: BBABM 2010, 1798 2033. (samenvatting).
Robert Ietswaart Physics Jun 2009 “Bidiretional vesicle motility – from molecular motors to Markov processes”. (samenvatting).
Maurits Malkus Physics Dec 2008 “Towards in vitro centrosome positioning in vesicles under physiologically relevant conditions” published: Chem. Phys. Chem. 2009, :.
Ruben Sinnige LST Feb 2008 “Membrane Fluctuations of Actin Filament Coated Giant Unilamellar Vesicles”.
Jelle de Jong Physics Jul 2006 “Pilot study of micro fluidic stretching of chromatin”.
Stefan Becque Physics Apr 2006 “Production and Characterization of Giant Unilamellar Vesicles”.
Jana Friedrichs Physics Apr 2006 “Diffusion of single cholera toxin pentamers on HEK cells”, LMU Munich.
Nils Laurens Physics Apr 2005 “Modelling of colocalization in cell membranes”.
Hugo Valk Physics Dec 2004 “paGFP – Setup and Characteristics”.
Reinier Schumm Physics Oct 2002 “Het gelijktijdige afbeelden van positie en spectrum”, published: Opt.Lett. 7:727, 2004.
Ernst Gevers Physics Sept 2000 “Een karakterisatie van eCFP (Cyan Fluorescent Prortein) in het single-molecule regime”.