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Pericyte mechanics.

Olga’s paper appeared in Stem Cell Reports, reporting on the particular mechanoresponse of pericytes, that might be related to their function. Fibronectin Patches as Anchoring Points for Force Sensing and Transmission in Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell-Derived Pericytes. Pericytes (PCs) … Continue reading

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Cells in Hypergravity .

Ever wondered how cells react when you fly them at 20g? Indeed they change their mechanical and other properties. This experiment, driven by Julia, is a ramp-up to our experiment flying on ISS. Hypergravity affects Cell Traction Forces of Fibroblasts … Continue reading

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Mechanics of Cancer granted .

Our NWO-EW Groot program grant was granted. In this program we seek for a physical understanding of the processes involved in metastases. The dream would be that such understanding might lead to novel intervention strategies. Genetic programs driving metastasis of … Continue reading

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