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Mechanics of Cancer granted .

Our NWO-EW Groot program grant was granted. In this program we seek for a physical understanding of the processes involved in metastases. The dream would be that such understanding might lead to novel intervention strategies. Genetic programs driving metastasis of … Continue reading

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Cecilia and Alessandro – welcome .

Cecilia and Alessandro started their PhD on a collaborative project funded by the Dutch Cancer Research Foundation (KWF) together with the groups of Elisa Giovannetti (VUmc), and Eric Danen (LACDR). Integrative mechanobiology and genomics profiling of resistance patterns to foster … Continue reading

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Hemidesmosome mechanics, JCB 219, e201904137

Wang, W., A. Zuidema, L. te Molder, L. Nahidiazar, L. Hoekman, T. Schmidt, S. Coppola, and A. Sonnenberg. 2020. Hemidesmosomes modulate force generation via focal adhesions. The Journal of Cell Biology 219(2). [DOI] Abstract Hemidesmosomes are specialized cell-matrix adhesion structures … Continue reading

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Brillouin Imaging: BOE 5, 2202 –

Coppola, S., T. Schmidt, G. Ruocco, and G. Antonacci. 2019. “Quantifying cellular forces and biomechanical properties by correlative micropillar traction force and Brillouin microscopy”. Biomed. Opt. Express 10(5):2202-2212. [DOI] [pdf] Cells sense and respond to external physical forces and substrate … Continue reading

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First Person: Veer Keizer –

Interview with Veer on GR mobility in JCS.

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